the morning fix

some start their mornings
with the familiar smell of

roasted beans, the juice from a
fruit (freshly squeezed) or the
soothing warmth of herbal tea

but my day begins with
the color coated quick fix
(red for that and blue for this)

a dazzling rainbow combination
for all the issues that i can’t list

photo by Logan Zillmer || from @darklinepoetry on twitter || prompt 137

the final course

you said it coursed though your veins.

i imagined a race, winding round and
through, not knowing where it would end.

you called it a battle. so we gathered our weapons: the bowls of soup, blankets,
warm rags, buckets, the ice.
a battalion against the unknown.

they charted the course and gave us the news. “don’t give up! there’s hope troops.”

we carried you through the worst as you led us through the rest, followed orders,
gave you nothing but the best.

then they said you could lose.

i imagined a race, not believing
that you wouldn’t end in first place

i think i have a fondness for war and race metaphors 😉 


you’re grinning.
let’s play a game.

you see a running horse,
and delicious apple pie.
you make up stories
that sound a lot like lies.

this is what i see:
clouds in the sky.

but you see running horses
rabbit races and dragon
flames and daring princes.

try again. you are pointing
at the giant clouds
rolling in the distance.

looks like rain.