Brown Tones

soft flesh
brown sugar
tones birthed
emotions that
filled rivers
and inspired
and deep grooves
were molded from
sepia clay
embraced the pain
but released
nothing but
endless green
where looks
can be deceiving
and glittering gold
is but a mere
yet the arms
your return
into chestnut

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let’s start over,
let’s do it again.
the silence between us
helps the voices echo in my head.
let’s stop fighting
but tell me what’s wrong
if we don’t solve this
we won’t get along
remove the anger
the harsh tones
and let me know
what’s really going on
so sit down
and tell me the truth
I just want to know
what’s bothering you

This was just a quick poem. Nothing special. I wasn’t intending to write on Fridays but my muse often has a mind of his own.


I reach out for you at night
When the dreams are harsh
And the bed is cold
Air is all I find
And it’s emptiness that encases me
Smothering me
Until I cry out
While the tears
Follow me back to my slumber

This is what I’m looking for..
I don’t think I’m asking for much
My arms long to find you
In the darkness of night
And the black of life’s moments
Just to fight the loneliness
While the longing envelopes me
Until I see you in my better dreams

And I don’t say it in daylight hours
That I need you
Hoping that you can read my silent cries
The trepidation that follows me
As day turns into night
And I am left alone
To wrestle the demons
The only seem to haunt
When you are not near

I may seem crazy
I can’t ask for the one thing
You gave so freely in our past
And when my eyes close tight
I grasp at what no longer is
And feel the loneliness of the hours
The emptiness of our days
And I repeat my wishes for you to the dead air
The words are merely sounds
That follow me back to my slumber


Ashes to Ashes
The writing is on the wall
Ending or beginnings
It can’t stay this way
Feeling unsatisfied
Holding on to the past
When the future holds
Changes I’m not ready for
Push me forward
The way is going to be
Holding my hand
Our distance surrounds me
You are light years away
But you ran to far and too fast
And this is not the path
We chose together
I’m expected to follow
Holding my hand
Pulling me along
You don’t want to let go
But this path is…
Dust to dust
It had begun