The Story of Us…

The Story of Us…

I did not know it
But you were welcome
Like a summer breeze
Breaking the monotony
Of my endless days

And the heat
From the beating sun
And the fire in my touch
Crazy with abandon

But I saw you
When the temperatures
Cooled and the fire
But warmed

By the looks
In your eyes
In your arms
And I was no longer
Running away

But running to the arms
You held outstretched
Waiting from me to land


The Story of…

I had a beautiful post that livejournal lost. It upset me. I don’t know why it doesn’t like to post when I click post. I usually put things on MS Word first but inspiration hit me while I was thinking of tinkering around with my settings and the color of my page.

It was a poem entitled “The Story of Us,” my current relationship is a big source of my inspiration. Even when the poem has nothing to do about love. So, I’m hopefully going to try to post something along the lines of what I wrote just a few minutes ago once I’ve calmed down. I don’t write well in anger.


there are illusions
lies we tell ourselves
to make it through the day
we believe in dreams
and hide in our imaginations
as reality continues in the mist
we live in our delusions
the words we whisper
the promises that we make
in hopes for better tomorrows
we are trapped
by our hallucinations
the fleeting daydreams
of greener grass
and glittering gold
failing to embrace
the realness in
where we stand

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