The Whispered Rumor

The first time she heard the whispers in the hall, it didn’t bother her. Girls were catty and she was sure it was easier for Ivy Turner to tell people that her boyfriend was “seduced by that slut” than the truth.

When they broke up (mostly because he hated art and fell asleep during her piano recital), she was past the point of caring what he had to say about her so it didn’t matter then either.

When she fell in love the summer after the whispers started, she had to promise Ben she wasn’t like that, “You know I dated Ivy’s ex-boyfriend…”

He’d shrugged it off after she explained, “Oh. That sucks. I know you’re not like that though.”

Yet by the end of the summer, when he caught Mike Carter rubbing sunscreen on her back (right after he’d tossed her into the pool), Ben thought there was some truth to the whispers after all.

“You’re such a slut.” He hissed at her as Mike handed her the bottle of lotion. She didn’t follow him. Mike was cuter anyway…and he played the sax.

She probably should have cared by then but Mike occupied all her time. They created beautiful duets together that usually resulted in passionate music inspired sex. She had Mike. She didn’t care about the whispers.

Then Mike left. New York. “If you’re ever there…” he said once he was in his car. “Love you.”

Months later, when she was finally ready for a boy after Mike. The whispers overpowered them all. They didn’t care about anything other than proving that the rumors were true…

* prompt: your mom always said to ignore the rumors *