Paper Dreams

they say my stories
are nothing but paper dreams
I say that about your money
you hold firm in your grasp
yet it still disappears
I don’t write to teach
right from wrong that’s not my job
and I’m sure you knew
the path to take all along
we make up things
“the best things in life are free”
or maybe money makes the world turns
in circles like trap that are endless
and if we make it or not. it’s not the paper dreams or the green that locks us in. it’s how we believe. the strength of our convictions. the fight. that keeps us going hard. and going in. and pulling out. from what traps us inside, the depth of our minds.


Danger Zones

this is the danger zone
where the world is nothing more
than shades of grey
and we are merely the sum of our raging emotions
we are warriors in the fight for the
sense of control
engaging in battle with the shadows of our past and the moral dilemma presented by the future and it’s daunting uncertainty
time here, is nothing but a prison.
inescapable. a menace. a warning. intangible. and a reminder of the events that have passed and the moments yet to come. we walk like gods but it takes nothing to remind us all (in case we have forgotten) that this is temporary. and it can be gone in an instant. then replaced and through it all…nothing has stopped.

Jan 23, 2011 4:20AM