In The End

you were already gone,
nothing more than delicate
memories and gone-by-morning
dreams (like i imagined you)
when you called to say
what I suspected
what we both knew
this is what happens
when adults crush
it’s sadder (more pathetic?
you’re hiding and I’m whispering)
and the little white lies we’ve told
stretch between us…
my heart isn’t breaking
(someone else has that)
but it hurts all the same.



we are nothing more
than a funny vignette
a missed moment
a passing chance
a burning crush of
unfullfilled emotions
curling and circling around
the dangerous two worded question
(what if?)
it demands an answer
when there isn’t one
and created a small frenzy
when our lips happened to meet
(that one time)
and there are excuses
and reasons
and rationalizations
(who cares? I care.)
and broken promises
but more potential and longing
and words left unsaid
with a question still left between us
hanging in the silence
filling the dead air