you’re there
like the scariest nightmare
and escape…
seems like an
impossible outcome

here, I scream
but in this
i remain unseen

* written on a napkin during a seven minute break. work sucks. overtime sucks. adulthood = overrated 😊 *


public speaker

i am allowed to use my words as a weapon, use them to threaten to motivate you, inspire you. instill some fear in you.

i am allowed to use my words in ways you never thought possible, words that may confuse you. words that you’ve never seen before i use these words – to command you to think.

my words mean nothing to some. and everything to someone else. this meaning is yours alone. your opinion is valid. and you are allowed to twist these words.

there are rules and they can be broken. but there are consequences. your words can (and will) betray you.


* I’ve been working on this for two days which is probably the longest I’ve worked on any poem. I usually write it. Quick edit. Never touch it again. BUT I was trying to get something out with this poem and as usual the ending failed me * pretty sure that happened with another poem I posted on here * I really want to come back to those two at a later date and rework them *