the only thing that’s mine
(and mine alone)
are these regrets that refuse to
relinquish their hold

and I hate to think
at the end
there will be a great sigh and
the sudden realization
that I’ve done nothing useful
with this abundance of time

*written 2/19/2013

I can’t say that this year has been good to me (and it’s only March- which is a good and bad thing). I wrote several (ie a lot) poems on some notebooks and the notepad on my iPhone and I guess I’m ready to post most of them on the site – 99% are not really happy poems but the title of the blog sort of hints to the type of poems I write anyway. Thanks for reading.


I had a dream once

I had a dream once
and it feels strange
that I cannot remember

it was apart of me for so long
that it left an imprint
for surely it guided certain choices
that I’ve made in my life

but now I can scarcely recall
who I was then – that youthful girl
to whom so many lies were told
that its no wonder I cannot picture

what I dreamed of
as the imprinted faded
and I grow old


*written 2/14/2013