chastised thoroughly
I’ve become demure
underneath your silence.
you know the best ways
beneath my skin
you slide up and down my spine
then pull away,
leaving the space between.
either way I get chills.



I struggle under
the weight of your words
the curve of your lips
the sound of your voice
I yield under your demand
allow your hands
to follow the curves
and dip between the lines
I surrender to you
waving the white flag
draw invisible lines
you pass through in the sand
I am weak in your love
and made pliable by your touch

untitled melody

you don’t know
how my heart breaks
when I hear time and time again
you’re no longer mine
I wish I could the change the day
you decided to walk away
from this thing that meant
the world to you
(or so you said)

you don’t know
how many tears I’ve shed
replaying that fateful day
how quickly things ended
took my heart and shattered it
yet I’d take you back in a heartbeat
if you’d admit how wrong you were
how very wrong you are…

another year older

* happy birthday to me ! a silly little poem that perfectly captures how i feel * enjoy !

I woke up today
and nothing groaned
creaked or locked
there was a slight protest
but only the ones that object
to being up at this ungodly hour

there were quite a few messages
wishing me all the best, complete
with little songs and good intentions
thankfully the subject of age lingered
but was never quite mentioned

yet with age brings wisdom
and I remembered to stop
after drink number five
count my blessings
and be thankful that I’m still alive

here right now

if you were here now
I’d trace the lines of your body
(sticky and salty taste)
over and over again
with the tip of my tongue
I work my magic
behind close doors
let your hands roam free
and enjoy the explosion of words

here right now
this space is cold
my imagination runs wild
I’m in your head
and the beat of your heart
you can’t escape this thing we are
though you’ve tried and tried

so run fast, you won’t get far
here right now
I’m (im)patiently waiting
keeping myself busy
with mere memories

this is the reason

you’re the reason
I don’t sleep at night
chasing the past
questioning my future

you’re the reason
there isn’t anyone else
I tried to get you off this pedestal
you refuse to come down

you’re the reason
my tears flow freely
so careless with your words
when I’m still careful with your heart

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