you don’t forget
and the scars remain
you are more cautious
each day layered with
with smaller steps
and fewer leaps of faith
you learn and adapt,
filter and adjust

the next person can’t
just walk on in
because you are now


but you are now

a castle where a home
once stood.
you are gated and protected.
the grass replaced with a moat
too long to swim through
and where there were many
there are just a few.

but you can’t honestly say
which dwelling is better for you.


say it right

i wrote a line once
think i drew it in the sand
the tops eroded slowly
until it was gone
as quickly as they appeared.

decided to shout them from
mountaintops so
all the world could hear
when the echoes faded
nothing else remained

then I typed them
click-clack. line after line.
watched the words extend
black against the stark white.

pushed it out into the universe
once again – once again
the world seemed to hear me
then it was buried buried buried

but first i pressed them
(once long ago)
into your heart hoping
but no one ever told me,
your love is fragile. and
nothing ever lasts.


writers block is a terrible affliction. and this is all I could come up with. and apparently today is my four year anniversary on WordPress. this seems fitting somehow.